Green(Paper)Book was selected as one of 30 projects for: BYOPAPER! (BRING OUR OWN PAPER!)

Papeteries Étienne – Trinquetaille
from 6pm until late at night

The Night of the Year is an unmissable event that takes place during the opening week of the Rencontres d’Arles, the world’s first international photography festival. 

This year again, the Papeteries Étienne, an abandoned paper mill located in the Trinquetaille neighbourhood, will be brought back to life as it hosts the Night of the Year. During this photographic promenade, visitors can meander from screen to screen and view the projected works of artists and photographers that the festival has discovered or fallen in love with. A selection of institutions is given carte blanche to share their favourites photographic picks.




With thanks for the fellow artists for help, fun and inspiration.








Photographs: Lorenzo Dalberto

and Lucy Vigoureux 4, 5, 7(Les Recontres de la Photographie Arles 2017, BYOPAPER 2017)




Constructions of Landscape, Work in Progress 3, Stills Gallery Edinburgh

Sam Dransfield

Ryan Gibson

Paolo Monti

Aleksandra Zawada

1 February - 6 April 2014



Photographs: Lorenzo Dalberto



Aleksandra Zawada Drawings, Summerhall

Selected drawings 2014 - 2016

Part of RSA Open Award 2015


5 - 27 November 2016


Photographs: Lorenzo Dalberto



Edinburgh Sculture Workshop: New Work

Austin Ballard

Kevin McpPhee

Ric Warren

Aleksandra Zawada

10 - 24 May 2013



4 catalogue boxes
400g of plaster
20g of mineral pigment
200g flour
30 x 50 cm of silk velvet, powdered

Dimensions variable.

During the past year my work slowly has been shifting to be people - less. Triggered by the trip to China, it started to be more material conscious. I became interested in efficiency and economy in using it.
My recent work: “No heavy lifting involved” concentrates on those issues, on by products as a matter of fact; things we are given away free and not essential to the object itself.  Packaging: cardboard boxes, string, free handouts, fabric fluff were cut, torn, altered, disassembled, reworked and methodically put back together. They were assembled using basic shopping like list of ingredients and regime, not extending 3 materials at a time.
Mixed hands on, using few simple gestural techniques mostly associated with domestic activities and restricted colours, presented works are as staged and as they discretely comment on mythology of art production.
Experimentation with surface, tangibility of objects, and discreet manipulation of material is stamped with ‘signature’ material -textile, used in new way- powdered by hand.
Final work is precarious, vulnerable, allows multiple constellations and plays with solidity, permanence and value of the form.



Photographs: Lorenzo Dalberto with exception of 1st Photograph courtesy of ESW



TUTAJ/TERAZ(HERE/NOW): An investigation of Polish contemporary artists in Scotland

28 July - 9 September 2012


Photographs: Lorenzo Dalberto



Royal Scottish Academy, The 186th Annual Exhibition, 2012



Correction fluid and oil paint on market bought hand painted oil paintings

Photographs: Lorenzo Dalberto




Candida, 2010

Studio view